What we give our guests

Our mantra is to be customer centred, so that in everything we do we place the customer in the middle, the core, around which we try to ensure every member of the hotel team moves almost seamlessly in order to deliver the best service we can.

It’s our pleasure to have you here and we hope you’ll enjoy your stay and even come back for more.
We’ll do our best to provide for all your needs – just let us know what they are! All our rooms are different. It’s too much to put 40 rooms on the internet so if you have particular preferences, call us up directly and tell us. We’ll make sure you get the most suitable accommodation …. for YOU.

The Osbornes are a large brood, well used to small children at the seaside, as are all our staff. Many a poor crab has been brought for inspection at Reception prior to its overwhelmingly stinky car journey home. We almost always have beach stuff to lend -buckets & spades, nets, cricket and body boards for kids and wind breaks for chilly parents. Save yourself filling the car with sandy items that you’ll probably never use again. We even launder and keep a stock of ‘forgotten’ swimming costumes in case you’ve had a frazzled packing session.

If you are attempting to avoid the dastardly, ever present screens, all manner of games are available, at Reception or in the Games Rooms.

We have soft down like (but hypoallergenic) duvets and soft feather pillows on the beds but hypoallergenic pillows in the wardrobes if that’s what you need. We can do sheets & blankets as well. We have hot water bottles, bath mats, waterproof sheets, bed sides and all manner of helpful stuff in hidey holes. Our chefs are really accommodating to dietary requests – none of that cleaver waving here! Whatever it is, we’ll try to make it happen if we physically can.

We even have a friendly family ghost, Aunt Maud, who now resides in the basement after relocating from the third floor when the roof blew off in 2001. A guest who has stayed with us since a small boy, checks her out and updates us at least annually on his visits.

Our only downside is that ….. we’re not telepathic.

Try as we might, it just ain’t there …. so help us to help you … and ASK.


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